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You are looking for a used car? Already with a new inspection? You want to have it registered directly? Perhaps financing?

We can help you! We got cars on stock from usd 1500 until 24000. All cars with one year warranty, brand new inspection.

We got our own garage for repairs of any kind- new tires, AC charge, body works, engine repairs or a new clutch

- no problem - we can help you! All our services can be financed with over 90 % Approval rate!


We are Located at Regensburger str. 41, 93133 Burglengenfeld .

Contact us under 01799131723. Call Text or whatsapp


80 km from Graf Area, 15 km from Hohenfels, 90 km from Nuremberg.

Its worth to visit us!

Mechanical Problem

Engine, Clutch, Suspension, Others


AC charge - body works - engine repairs - clutch

damper (check) - exhaust change

Monthly Inspection

We have a look over your car....


AC check - Tire check - Braks check - Light check

Oil- and Automatic check - Winter (Water) check


Click it please ...

Electrical Problem

Lighting, Battery, Radio/CD, Windows, Locking, Others


new Battery - new Luminary - electrical defects


Car Upgrade

Tires, Suspension, Radio/CD, Others


New Tires (Summer, Winter, All Season) - Alloys

Shock Absorber/damper change

Email us:

Call us:

0179 / 9131723

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